Monday, January 3, 2011


I was fool then, in-love with someone...

Seeing her for the first time and knowing her by phone for several weeks is not easy. 

It just likes a full moon drawing near the ocean to its highest tide level. 

I wholeheartedly admit that I affectionately and passionately attracted to her. 

So please listen, I sincerely, really, really, really mean this. 

It gives me joy every time I'm thinking of our phone conversations and expressing her my special and affectionate feelings. 
I deeply thank Him for the wonderful sight of our first meeting --her grace and beauty. 
Her sincere smile during that time brightened my world. It offers me new meaning to live my life. 
My evening dullness fades away each moment I was reading her thoughtful messages which always greet me good night.
From her I heard the sweetest voice like a morning bird's song praising and thanking Him for another day of our life's journey. 
Her willingness to feel my love for her makes me hopeful, fulfilled and complete. 
I will be the happiest one to live if I'll always be with her who teach me such love like this. 
Finally I fervently pray Him for assistance to help me devote myself in selflessly loving her forever. 
She's the special solitary in my heart. 

Now, it's just a history. Isang sawing pag-ibig na tatawanan mo na lang sapagkat nalaman mo na kaya mo palang mag-mahal at maalpasan ang kasawian dito.


  1. ouch parang ganyan din ang batman noon o.. wahehe

  2. Reminds me of that old saying, "A thing of beauty is a joy forever."

  3. Gusto ko yung part na "isang sawing pag-ibig na tatawanan na lang" hahaha. I feel you. But things would be better, I'm sure.

  4. waaa.. di mo pa nga naikukweto sakin sawi na agad. :(

  5. We love, we lost, we learn, we let go. :)

    Such is the cycle of life (or love?) Hehe. I've been thru that vicious cycle just recently. Andun pako sa stage between learning and letting go.

    Nice post!

  6. Love is not blind, love is blinding. Get used to it

  7. Uyy may naalala, ano ba ito... ito ba yung resulta ng mga pagtatanong mo ng mga serious stuff hehehe...


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