Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It is more than likely than information vanished because of multi-tasking. It is not really forgetting as such, but the absence of memorisation because of a momentary distraction.

Irrespective of one's performance, one must realise that very few people are really capable of doing many things at once, and results obtained when different actions are carried on simultaneously are often unsatisfactory.

So, it is better to complete one task at a time and do it successfully than to try to do many different things at once.


  1. reminds me of "slowly, but surely." do it once, do it right.

  2. that's why i only take one task and leave the rest to my best friend. she beats me at multitasking any day.

  3. so true. focus on prioritizing.. and getting things done one at a time. But in this world now... its hard and multi tasking is a necessity. :)

  4. sabi nga sa nabasa ko before, akala mo kapag nag-multitask ka marami kang matatapos. Pag multi-tasking madalas magkaroon ng problema sa quality ng work plus pa na hindi siya magandang exercise sa brain since ang effect nito madalas sa mga nasanay mag-multi task is pagiging makalilimutin. tried and tested lalo na nung nasa GSC pa ako. hehehe...

  5. i love multitasking
    kaya lahat ng gawa ko half baked

    happy holidays, ahmer!!!

  6. I agree with you. I've done tons of stupid things because I keep on cramming to do all things at one time.

    Ganun na nga yun.


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