Friday, August 10, 2012


I confess, I lived the life of an atheist before.

I questioned God's existence, and even blamed religion for the social ills.

I knew too much, but that knowledge was not enough to understand everything, not even my reason for being, and the purpose of all these superficial knowledge.

True enough, faith and the lack of it is best tested by the most pressing human crises.

When all else fails, where would I turn to? Should I continue blaming religion for human's failures?

All the trials make man humble, faith strengthened.

In the end, I believe, there's nowhere else humans will go.

And all these material gifts will be for naught.


  1. True, the existence of God is indubitably true. I do not know his name or his appearance yet I feel that he is out there watching every move that I make. God bless you.

  2. your mere presence is a proof that God do exist. =D

  3. we cant see God but we can feel it in our hearts; just accept and let Him embrace your heart.

  4. I agree with what SuperJaid said above, no need to explain further :)

  5. how was it on "the other side?"
    i'm seriously curious to hear ;)


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