Friday, May 19, 2017


It's a familiar face, a similar scarred face that screams pain and anguish. You approach it slowly to empathize with its sorrow. You hear its silent cries and you immediately think of advices on love and life, and maybe even about the compound word that these two create. Yes, you feel like an expert so you think you are very reliable. As you finally reach for its face and try to comfort it, you realize that you are standing on front of a mirror holding your head.

You are dumbstruck and you can't help but stare at your reflection. After every battle won and lost, after every pain endured and tears cried, this is who you are now. You couldn't even recognize yourself anymore. But you never noticed this change. In fact, you even try to help other people. You help them pick up the pieces and find their way back to the right path. But all along, you didn't even have your own right path. You were just wandering, looking for people who are going through the same problems you had and trying to make up for your grief by helping them. Poor you.

Since you are the survivor, the one who went through hell and is still alive and kicking, you feel that you have an obligation to share your wisdom to other unfortunate souls. You inspire them and give them their daily dose of hope, love, faith, trust and all that shit. You become someone else's healer. And you feel good. Actually, you've never been better. Until you finally see your reflection. All of a sudden, you break down.

You become helpless . Fortunately, the ones you helped are now returning the favor. They try to pull you up from the quicksand, making you feel that there is still hope and it will all get better in time. But you cannot stand looking at that reflection. You can't even look at those people who are helping you now. You deceived them. You made them think that you really are strong and you have endured all the struggles you've been through. No. You were slowly rotting inside, and you are just afraid to admit it. You pull your arms from their grip and you let yourself be sucked into an empty vacuum of darkness.

The mirror shatters into pieces. Your reflection will always be the same. Unless you decide to emerge from that blackhole and create a new image.

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