Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolution

DISCIPLINE. That’s how things should be. So that's how I'll make it. And I only have 18 for this year.
  • For 2012, I should scour the whole world. Finish off all the places to be at. I’ll become the backpacker I’ve always wanted to be.
  • I'll buy a new Laptop. Because I'll write again. To sharpen my skills with the pen, or at least the keyboard.
  • I'll start getting organized. With my work planner, and personal organizer, this should be a bit easier. I'll save time, make time and use time.
  • Find a new job, hopefully. Hello Abroad! Ha-ha
  • I'll start studying some recipes. Practice cooking. I should have cooked all the recipes in my mind by end of the year.
    CHEERS TO 2012
  • Quit DRINKING.
  • I'll not buy a phone. I'm happy with my current one, and I'll not fall for advancements or anything. Hello iPhone 5S.
  • Spend more time with my family and friends
  • I'll limit my rice and start eating healthy. At least it's a conscious effort.
  • After months of thinking about it, I have decided to start working out. But not make an obsession of it.
  • I’ll get back to reading. At least 1 book a month. I’ll re-establish book hour. I can do this.
  • Although difficult, I’ll continue saving money, and make sure not to spend it.
  • More SLEEP!
  • I’ll stop drinking coffee
  • Remain being the kid that I am. Keep my perspectives and perceptions fresh. Continue in being naively unprejudiced. And let this point mature. I have a feeling this will be most useful this year.
  • Learn something NEW.
  • SHARE my Blessings and Help others.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


It is more than likely than information vanished because of multi-tasking. It is not really forgetting as such, but the absence of memorisation because of a momentary distraction.

Irrespective of one's performance, one must realise that very few people are really capable of doing many things at once, and results obtained when different actions are carried on simultaneously are often unsatisfactory.

So, it is better to complete one task at a time and do it successfully than to try to do many different things at once.