Thursday, November 24, 2011


EDSA Revolution was just the beginning. And the dream of a Filipino nation – of freedom, of justice, of equal opportunity, of peace – must remain in our consciousness.

EDSA 2 was not wrong in itself. That was the appropriate call of the time in order to oust an erring president and cleanse the bureaucracy of corruption. What made it seemingly improper were the circumstances that followed, specifically the kind of president that replaced Erap. Well, that's the price of reformist solutions. Never expect substantial social transformation with cosmetic changes in political leadership.

EDSA was a great chance for real change. But those in power who were bestowed that rare responsibility blew that chance. For greed of power, history just replicated itself.

But renaming EDSA to Cory Aquino Avenue? Come on!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For every rule, there is an exception.

Now, the said statement above is, in itself, a rule.

Question: What is its exception?

Ergo, There should be an exception to the rule,

e.g.- there is no exception to the rule –

However, by excepting something - It does not except anything.

Hence: there is a rule that has no exception which is in itself accepts an exception.

That is the absolute rule you have been looking for.

Otherwise stated- it is the absolute rule by excepting everything including itself. Paradoxically, it excepts nothing by excepting everything.

The rule is that “for every rule there is an exception”. 

Applying the rule- that there must be exception, hence: an as exception to the rule, that is: “A rule without exception”, which is in itself an exception to the rule, hence giving credence that indeed there is an exception to every rule.

Otherwise stated, an exception to the exception of the rule is the rule itself.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Booze and Gasoline
Come on, Tell me which is better?
Or a combination of both,
To help me, Cleanse me.
Set me free, From infinity of pain.

Please, Please.
Alcohol isn't enough,
Weakening my memories, To possibly see her.
My thoughts invoke, To remind me that she was quite,
Someone that I could never seize.

Tell me, Discourse to me.
I want to know, what about gasoline,
Soak all the photos of her,
Burn them to ashes , Although they were a part of me,
As far as I don't see Love.

What am I worried of?
Bathe it all in ethanol,
Burn it, Without fear,
This flame spreads, Destroying everything.
The word Love incinerating.

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