Saturday, December 21, 2019


…is growing when every time you were hurt the more you become determined to love, 
despite imperfections, 
you accepted it with your whole heart – in trials, 
together you survive, 
in sufferings, 
defeated or not,
both of you will fight back and at the end of the day when you almost want to give up, 
you cannot, 
because you know it will torn you apart.

Friday, February 15, 2019


At the moment I have little thing to say, but this little means a lot.

Everything I feel now means nothing else that I am missing you.

I wish I could be with you,

Feel your breath close to mine,

See the sunshine through your eyes,

Feel the heat of your hand in my hand,

Hold your hands with the intertwined fingers,

I am longing for your skin and your sweet way of looking at me.

Kiss you passionately.

I miss kissing your hand.

I miss kissing your forehead.

I miss you face.

I miss your voice.

I hope my anguish won’t last too long and we can meet each other. 

Yes, very soon in our world.

Where just you and I live

I can’t wait anymore.

I miss you terribly.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


This is a post that my brain tickling to write for months.

Just to break the confusions of what I am writing here in my blog.

No Kiss and Tell. I don't do that even if you are my best friend.
It's a private thingy.  Red flag when you are in a relationship... for me.

Sharing it briefly.


No erasures.

No proofread.

Just Stray thoughts.


...That I've finally moved on with MAD.

That's why I keep posting here about it... to let him go completely.

I had enough.

Now I am free.

Exclusively attached with Yo.

Well for me, it's a hook line and sinker.  I don't  know about Yo.

We really never talk about US so much.

I know Yo is Preoccupied at work. Busy bee.

A lot of mundane things. So many lags... but I don't have issue with it.

Hmm. We had a little serious talks... I felt like he was testing me the way he asked about our future plans. I was not born yesterday.

He is not completely honest with me. I can sense that.

My intuition never fails me. Never.

Maybe I was wrong.

It's been more than a year. It's been 5 months ( yesterday to be exact ) that we became US.

And we never celebrate it. I was waiting for Yo to remember.

A little issue. It's a red flag for me.

One's best foot forward?

Yo, Are you really the one?

I really hope so.

I've been through a lot of heartaches, deception, unrequited love...

Oh blogosphere, I've never been vocal about my feelings like this.

I might end this post here.