Friday, August 22, 2014


31 Things I am Grateful For on my 31st.

Today is my 31st birthday. It has been an amazing ride but looking back on it, I am most grateful for the little things in my life. Here are 31 of them that bring a smile to my face on my 31st and make me me excited to life 31 more.

1. Sunrise
2. My Mom's unconditional love
3. My Sibling's courage and compassionate
4. My Dad's facial expression when he is cracking a joke
5. My Hairdresser who always make me look good
6. Going to the movies
7. Good friends
8. Breaking things
9. Cycling at night
10. Rejection
11. Learning about businesses and with my Mentors
12. Good morning Good night greet
13. Leche Flan / Fiesta Float
14. Cleaning toilet
15. Listening to the barking dog
16. Talking to taxi drivers
17. Hot noodles
18. Access to the Internet
19. Roomie always wakes me up in the morning
20. Taking selfie with friends
21. Being wrong
22. Napping on the bus
23. Attending parties
24. Reading nasty tweets on my twitter timeline
25. Small talks
26. Working late on a tough challenge with the team at the office
27. Dinner with friends
28. Cold shower
29. Walking in the park or on a busy street
20. Doing math in my head
31. I just resigned from my job.