Tuesday, May 24, 2011


yeah, i think they really are half meant.

some jokes are usually aroused by facts. so, kunwari, ako, nakita kong magulo buhok ng friend ko, as in parang hindi nagsuklay, ang immediate reaction ko ay: "mahangin ba sa labas?"

so it's like, nakita mo kasi e, it poked a reaction out of you kasi it's really there. alam mo un?

kaya ung mga standup comic, like sa comedy bars, magaling sila dyan kasi very observant sila. pero un nga, kelangan tlga witty ka kasi the joke can either be funny kasi magaling delivery mo, or offensive kasi corny ka hahahaha

Sunday, May 8, 2011


The day of reckoning has finally come,
As I pack my things up ready for a brewing war,
I leave now the lands I had toiled and the trees I let grow in the fields,
And let the sun shade its light on them, and grow no more.

I shirk not to an order that commanded me,
As I passed unto the throngs of red-badge men in line.
Clad in golden armors, kneeling in exhortation,
Though with hesitation and bewilderment,
The golden message I have that would change the course of my history.

And the flowers of May I used to fancy,
Let the passersby partake of its whiff,
While its scent carries me through.
Away to the light that shields my night,
And the darkness that overshadows it,

I have rested long enough in these fields,
Whilst I take cognizance of the beauty it brings to me,
Lest, my absence would frail their essence,
As I stand with great uncertainty and vacillation
I face the road less-traveled and notice my way home,
With tears in my eyes and joy in my heart,
“HUSH, BABY, HUSH…” was all that I had mumbled.