Friday, January 3, 2020


Looking back, this decade has been the most challenging one, yet. I was forced so many times to step out of the zone that offered me the comfort that I've relied on heavily for so many years. 

Throughout this 10-year period, I have learned innumerable "valuable lessons" professionally and otherwise. The most important one, and this I will carry until my last breath: protect yourself at all times - from the people around you and most of all, from yourself remembering that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. 

I've made new friends or so I thought but to be fair some became real friends, some turned adversaries while others taught me how to play "poker" game cuz one fact of life is that: not every person who throws a smile at you is a friend. 

However, against the negativity that these undesirable people emit is a world of light that can overwhelm the weight within. Surrounding yourself with the "right people" is one of the various steps in having or maintaining a positive mental attitude. It's like this: no matter how darkness has totally engulfed a room you're in, it only takes one lighted candle to defeat it. Hope springs eternal.

If I can rewind this decade, I won't change a thing. Not one bit. So many blessings came along the way and I won't trade off all the things I knew and the lessons I learned.

Pieces of advice to myself in the next 10 years: stay the same, remain authentic, remain happy, be grateful, enjoy the ride, never ever skip gym and....

watch your back! 

Let's rock the new decade y'all!