Friday, December 12, 2014


He paused and looked at me. 
Shook his head ok as if to say he knew it was time. 
I still cry when I picture that image.  
I was holding his hand when he took his last breath. 
I still thank God for that. 
His chest puffed up... and his soul ascended. 
I love you, Papa.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


NOT let “distance” be the excuse to end the relationship. As the saying goes, if there’s a will there’s a way.

There also has to be TRUST in the relationship. 

The benefit of being friends for a long time before distance is a factor.

Communication is also important. 

That doesn't mean calling each other every hour or demand text update on whereabouts or who you're with.

Everyone needs space but not too much.  

Everyone is busy but you shouldn't make her/him feel that you don't have time. A simple text or a one-minute-call will let her/him know that you are thinking of her/him too.

You don't take communication for granted.

Others also need to realize LDRs affect more than just the couple involved – family members and friends are affected too. 

Relationship will grow from strength to strength if you put in the effortYou'll truly treasure the little things and it will make you appreciate your other half even more. 

You might be jealous of others enjoying an standard relationship but if you make it through, others will look at yours with envy at the couple who truly made it through thick and thin.

BUT not all long distance relationship survive.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Three Days After

Everyone prays to find the love that'll change their life
A love that will give answer to their questions
certainty to their doubts
I prayed and I found you

I looked in your eyes and I saw all of my dreams coming true
The moments we have shared seems never ending
until you let go of my hand
the hand you once held on to

It was once a perfect love 
a love that brightens up my life
It was once a perfect love 
a love that I thought was forever
It was once a perfect love
But that love is now just a memory of my past

How I wish I can make you stay 
so I can make you see how much you mean to me
How I wish I can hold you closer 
so I can make you feel the beating of my heart
How I wish our perfect love didnt end

The sun may go on shining 
the world may keep on turning 
as the river flows 
my tears won't fade away 
for my life will never be the same 

because I lost my perfect love

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I’m admittedly terrible at this one. 

I’m perpetually in a hurry to “get it done.” 

But it’s amazing how different things can look from one day to the next. 

Maybe even from one hour to the next. 

I can't tell you the number of times I could have done something better by just practicing this simple principle. 


Friday, August 22, 2014


31 Things I am Grateful For on my 31st.

Today is my 31st birthday. It has been an amazing ride but looking back on it, I am most grateful for the little things in my life. Here are 31 of them that bring a smile to my face on my 31st and make me me excited to life 31 more.

1. Sunrise
2. My Mom's unconditional love
3. My Sibling's courage and compassionate
4. My Dad's facial expression when he is cracking a joke
5. My Hairdresser who always make me look good
6. Going to the movies
7. Good friends
8. Breaking things
9. Cycling at night
10. Rejection
11. Learning about businesses and with my Mentors
12. Good morning Good night greet
13. Leche Flan / Fiesta Float
14. Cleaning toilet
15. Listening to the barking dog
16. Talking to taxi drivers
17. Hot noodles
18. Access to the Internet
19. Roomie always wakes me up in the morning
20. Taking selfie with friends
21. Being wrong
22. Napping on the bus
23. Attending parties
24. Reading nasty tweets on my twitter timeline
25. Small talks
26. Working late on a tough challenge with the team at the office
27. Dinner with friends
28. Cold shower
29. Walking in the park or on a busy street
20. Doing math in my head
31. I just resigned from my job.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


When you go on a date it can be handy to have a few conversation topics on standby just in case the conversation comes to a grinding halt. 

Nothing feels more uncomfortable than the conversation running dry and the more you desperately try to think of something original to say the more your mind seems to go blank. 

It is kind of like taking an exam at school, you know all about the topics that will be in the test but once you sit down in the classroom to take the exam, your mind goes blank but the moment the exam is over and the pressure is off, all that information comes flooding back into your head.