Monday, January 29, 2018


I never thought what to expect
It was humid gloomy night
I was scared and excited
Out of the darkness
I saw you standing
You smiled and said hello
Your fair skin shined
Your warmed welcome had calmed me

I just can't keep my eyes off you
Like I want to get to know you
During our warm up
I heard your banters with your friend
I'm so glad to hear that you had three past relationship
To which we both play for the same team

As we paddle in the warm salty water
Your smell had just charmed me
I was impressed with your muscular sturdy legs
I had to level up my strokes to keep up with you
Coz I don't want you to think of me as a weak newbie

During our photo op
I try to keep my position as close to you
Then, you put your hand around me
I try to keep it nonchalant

It took me hours to find your profile
And when I found it
My first message to you was

I think I found - Yo

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I want to cry on your shoulders
I want to shed all my tears
I want to cry my heart out
Knowing that I’m only just your maybe

Why do we have to start over
When yesterday’s seem alright
Wish we could do those things again
Please let’s keep our love alive

Why do you have to keep it for so long
You hurt me most in my lowest times
Yet nothing I can do but sigh
and let you go even if I cry

I miss you and I still love you
I die slowly with this agony
Much more when I could see
your loving eyes staring at me

I'm sorry...for this feeling
It may be so hard to let it go
But I think apart of me
will always be waiting for you

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Paano ko nga ba sisimulan
Paano ko nga ba matatanggap

Na hindi na tayo nag-uusap

Gusto pa kitang mayakap
Gusto pa kitang makausap
Gusto pa kitang makasama

Pero ang sakit…

Ang sakit na wala akong magawa
Ang sakit na wala na akong halaga
Ang sakit na naghihintay lang ako

At umaasa …

Umaasa na baka sakaling meron pa
Umaasa na baka sakaling makayap pa
Umaasa na baka sakaling pwede pa

Na maibalik …

Maibalik ang meron tayo noon
Maibalik ang mga kwentuhan
Maibalik ang mga masasayang alaala

Na hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin malimutan
Pero andito pa rin ako para sayo 
kahit masakit, andito lang ako

…Naghihintay sayo