Monday, March 19, 2018


Simon and The Homo Sapiens Agenda
by Becky Albertalli

I was planning to post this right after I watch the movie adaptation #LoveSimon but I can’t wait and help myself sharing it…

This book was amazing!
It is quirky, endearing, funny, and better yet, honest and real to how it feels to be gay.

All I can say is that this is not a book to miss, and I honestly loved it. No matter your sexual identity, this is an awesomely cute story that should be shared and loved.

I can’t wait to see the movie!

Plus I want that #ElliotSmith T-Shirt!

Monday, March 12, 2018


my blinded eyes failed to see

the essence of your love for me

my closed heart didn't bother to feel

the sweetness of your touch so real

my ears didn't find time to hear

your melody so lovely and sincere

for my eyes were fixed on the false beauty I adored

my heart was beating for the mask of silver and gold

my ears only listened to deceitful words that settled my mood

and left your truthful words misunderstood

I seriously pondered on a hopeless love

and later on landed like a wounded dove

I don’t want to be killed in regrets

for me to realize that maybe

you're the real treasure in disguise.

Monday, January 29, 2018


I never thought what to expect
It was humid gloomy night
I was scared and excited
Out of the darkness
I saw you standing
You smiled and said hello
Your fair skin shined
Your warmed welcome had calmed me

I just can't keep my eyes off you
Like I want to get to know you
During our warm up
I heard your banters with your friend
I'm so glad to hear that you had three past relationship
To which we both play for the same team

As we paddle in the warm salty water
Your smell had just charmed me
I was impressed with your muscular sturdy legs
I had to level up my strokes to keep up with you
Coz I don't want you to think of me as a weak newbie

During our photo op
I try to keep my position as close to you
Then, you put your hand around me
I try to keep it nonchalant

It took me hours to find your profile
And when I found it
My first message to you was

I think I found - Yo

Tuesday, January 23, 2018


I want to cry on your shoulders
I want to shed all my tears
I want to cry my heart out
Knowing that I’m only just your maybe

Why do we have to start over
When yesterday’s seem alright
Wish we could do those things again
Please let’s keep our love alive

Why do you have to keep it for so long
You hurt me most in my lowest times
Yet nothing I can do but sigh
and let you go even if I cry

I miss you and I still love you
I die slowly with this agony
Much more when I could see
your loving eyes staring at me

I'm sorry...for this feeling
It may be so hard to let it go
But I think apart of me
will always be waiting for you

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Paano ko nga ba sisimulan
Paano ko nga ba matatanggap

Na hindi na tayo nag-uusap

Gusto pa kitang mayakap
Gusto pa kitang makausap
Gusto pa kitang makasama

Pero ang sakit…

Ang sakit na wala akong magawa
Ang sakit na wala na akong halaga
Ang sakit na naghihintay lang ako

At umaasa …

Umaasa na baka sakaling meron pa
Umaasa na baka sakaling makayap pa
Umaasa na baka sakaling pwede pa

Na maibalik …

Maibalik ang meron tayo noon
Maibalik ang mga kwentuhan
Maibalik ang mga masasayang alaala

Na hanggang ngayon hindi ko pa rin malimutan
Pero andito pa rin ako para sayo 
kahit masakit, andito lang ako

…Naghihintay sayo

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Two months ago while listening to M’s Poland trip over Skype, I was lying in bed wondering why the place was so familiar. I was like experiencing déjà vu of a place or situation I have never encountered. It gave me the chills when M showed me the pictures. Then I remembered The Storyteller.

Reading books can really take you places you have never been. This is one of those books that will stick with you for a long time. It’s so easy to get consumed in the story and start developing a relationship with the characters.

The story begins with a baker who befriends with a camp supervisor at Auschwitz and later reveals a startling connection with baker’s grandmother who survives Auschwitz and tells the horrors she endured during the Holocaust. It’s a historical fiction exploring the Holocaust, not a new topic to most of us, yet it was a thought provoking book with so many layers of events and people. It’s a story about forgiveness, identity, and justice.

...what he did was wrong. He doesn’t deserve your love. But he does deserve your forgiveness, because otherwise he will grow like a weed in your heart until it’s choked and overrun. The only person who suffers, when you squirrel away all that hate is you...
Forgiving isn’t something you do for someone else. It’s something you do for yourself. It’s saying, ‘You’re not important enough to have a stranglehold on me.’ It’s saying, ‘You don’t get to trap me in the past. I am worthy of a future. I’m moving on to peace and happiness.

The Storyteller asks how can we--and should we--forgive the unforgivable, and it comes up with the answer that we can’t forgive, but we can hold accountable, that when we forgive we do it for ourselves, not for the other person, which seems to me the right response.

“It doesn’t matter what it is that leaves a hole inside you. It just matters that it’s there.”

The expense of forgiveness is not your dignity. So often we think that we must forgive, and that means we must get rid of our boundaries and let the forgiven one back in the same spot. That is not forgiveness, that's being a spineless person.

Forgiveness does not impede having boundaries and protecting yourself. Even when you forgive another person, you always keep yourself complete. You don't ever give up your individuality, your sensitivity, your self-respect for anything.

Yes, forgive, but keep yourself safe from being lessened, degraded or diminished in the future. Forgive, but keep your voice. Keep demanding what you need and requiring respectful treatment. Forgive, but don't be afraid to do so at a distance.

You have to forgive if you want to be forgiven.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017



the sun slowly drifted away
the moon proudly
ruled and stayed


the sand castle's beauty
alluring as it can be
conquered by huge waves


leaves are turning dry
yet to the tree they cling still
not wanting to fall

Monday, October 9, 2017


Let it go.

It's very liberating to do so.

Whether we like it or not, life is one continuous journey of letting go. We have a tendency to try to hold on to everything that we have - the perfect relationship, our youth, our possessions - the list goes on. But life has a remarkable habit of taking away that which we may treasure at the time.

I breathe deeply. I inhale the delicious fragrance of the present moment. I remind myself with my thoughts that there is no better place to be than the one I am in right now. I spend as much time as I can outside in nature. There is something timeless and nourishing about the kiss of the sun on my skin and the song of the birds in my heart.

Live in present time, love people you know, appreaciate things around you, but don't get attached to anything because every good things must come to an end.

Knowing that, no matter what happens, all is well.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017


Riding the waves, unperturbed by the howling wind and even beating the heat of the sun, the dragon conquers the water and forces through to reach its destination such as dragon boating. It’s a team water sport that originated in China around 2500 years ago on the banks of Yangtze River and in modern times developed in East Asia and worldwide as a competitive sports. Twenty two people, one boat, with one aim. Each member on the boat personifies the spirit of the dragon and it’s the same spirit that runs through Dragon Warriors.

The Dragon Warriors are a Dubai-UAE-based paddle club. Being one of the oldest clubs in the local dragon boating scene, founded in 2010 by Nerza Del-Rosario Manalastas, the former Philippine Dragon Boat National Team Co-Captain. Growing from strength to strength over the last 6 years as a competitive club, participated in competitive races such as Shangri-La Abu Dhabi Dragon Boat Festival, Dubai Marina Dragon Boat Race, Dubai Creek Dragon Boat Festival, and IDBF Club Crew World Championships semi-annually, with a couple of medals to our honor. The team is a diverse crew made up of people from all walks of life, different nationalities, who are looking to stay active, push their limits, and always up for a challenge to be better, competitive without losing sight of how to have fun, as well as introducing others to the sport of Dragon Boat Racing.

Dragon Boat training develops core strength, endurance, coordination and team spirit. Training sessions are essential for paddling development. There is a reason we have the saying, “Practice makes perfect.” Paddling, like most things in life, doesn’t improve without practice. Training is what takes us to a higher level.

Dragon Boat Training is held three times weekly on the Dubai Creek Yacht Club. Monday & Wednesday – 730PM and Friday – 530PM.

Land Training is held weekly in the Zaabel Park.  Fitness is an important aspect to Dragon Boating and is highly encouraged.

Safety is extremely important to the team and strive to meet all associate regulations. All practice sessions are conducted by an experienced coach and new members are given a safety briefing before going out on the water.

What to bring?  One of the most frequent questions asked. So, what should you wear/ bring to Dragon Boat? Clothes you don’t mind getting wet, flip flop or water shoes and bottle of water.

Dragon Warriors Dubai are now eyeing the October 27-28, 2017 Dragon Boat Competition in Abu Dhabi and December 8 – 9, 2017 Dubai Marina Dragon Boat Race, where they will go up against 30 veteran teams at the waters off Shangri-La Hotel and Dubai Marina.

Experience it for yourself! Come and paddle with Dragon Warriors Dubai. The team’s goal is to provide a competitive atmosphere through hard work and commitment while keeping the environment fun.

If you are interested, please contact +97152963960 / +971503119331 for additional information.

Make a connection. Interact with DWD through social media.

Facebook :
Twitter : @dragon_warriors_dxb
Instagram : @dragon_warriors_dxb
Website :

Thursday, August 24, 2017


It was my 34th birthday yesterday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ME!  As I look back at how fast time passes, I am surprised at how much can change in a matter of a year. I think we go through cycles of change, when the complete unanticipated tosses you off your stability, giving you the opportunity to reassess and make things right. This past year was one of those cycles for me and slowly but surely the pieces that were thrown up in the air are falling into place.
At a time of reflection, I’d like to share with you some of the things I have learned.
  1. Everyday should be a celebration of your life.
  2. Always be willing to admit that you don't have all the answers.
  3. Endings are just new beginnings in disguise. You may be uncomfortable with the uncertainty, but some of the best things in life are born from those times of being open to new opportunities.
  4. I know now when to distance myself.
  5. Learn to be patient.
  6. It really is never too late to be what you might have been.
  7. Once you feel you are avoided by someone, never disturb them again.
  8. You will have your heart broken, and you will survive.
  9. People you love will hurt you and disappoint you. Try to look beyond their mistakes and understand their intentions. Sometimes a friendship just needs time to breathe before it can flow again. And that’s okay, too.
  10. Learn to forgive.
  11. Love should never be complicated, but it is.
  12. Be selective of who you share your heart and body with.
  13. Take care of your body.
  14. Procrastination can sometimes be disastrous.
  15. Make that move you've been waiting to make. There's no need to be timid. If it's meant to be, it'll happen. If not, you saved yourself time.
  16. When it doesn’t work out with someone in the present, it’s because it’s meant to work out with someone else in the future.
  17. There are moments in life, when the heart is so full of emotion That if by chance it be shaken, or into its depths like a pebble drops some careless word, it overflows, and its secret, split on the ground like water, can never be gathered together.
  18. Learn to make peace with uncomfortable feelings.
  19. It takes so much inner strength and courage to make a decision to let somebody go, to set them free. I think it's one of the hardest things to do in life.
  20. It's okay to make mistakes but learn from it.
  21. A little bit of fun is okay. Try not to take life too seriously. Live your life. Laugh often. 
  22. If you work hard mainly to impress people, you will hardly find happiness from it. Work for yourself. Impress yourself. All is about you.
  23. If you have the power to make someone happy- do it. The world needs more of that.
  24. Money can’t buy happiness but Experience does.
  25. It’s okay not to be okay.
  26. Best conversations you will ever have, are the one without boundaries.
  27. You don’t take communication for granted.
  28. I’m better off without Facebook and Instagram.
  29. Less TV, more books.
  30. Never, ever stop learning.
  31. Love yourself more.
  32. Appreciate yourself more.
  33. Look for beauty in everything.
  34. Let God be the center of your life.

Monday, August 14, 2017


“Everything I Never Told You”  by  Celeste Ng was moving, beautiful, heart-breaking, and at times unbelievable, but yes, what you see with the Lee family, really does happen and their stories need to be told.

Celeste Ng is a masterful writer. Her words paint pictures of real people suffering from interesting problems that many readers will relate to. I was drawn into the lives of the five members of this family as if they were my own relatives. The best part of the book is the exquisite writing. The word pictures are stunning and revealing of the character of the people whose lives unfold in this wonderful novel.

The book starts off with the family’s daughter, Lydia, is declared dead (this is from the first sentence, so don’t worry, no spoiler) and her family deals with her death in different ways. Each of her family suffers some kind of identity crisis. Through flashbacks and multiple perspectives, each characters, reveal their motivations and the scars perpetrated on each of them as a result of feeling like outsiders in a world that doesn't accept biracial marriages. What Celeste Ng does so well is make the characters' revelations unfold like a mystery leading to wonder if Lydia was murdered, committed suicide, or had an accident.

This is a great read. There was a feeling of anticipation of what is felt to be good experience and will hold its readers captive from the first to last sentence.