Thursday, November 24, 2011


EDSA Revolution was just the beginning. And the dream of a Filipino nation – of freedom, of justice, of equal opportunity, of peace – must remain in our consciousness.

EDSA 2 was not wrong in itself. That was the appropriate call of the time in order to oust an erring president and cleanse the bureaucracy of corruption. What made it seemingly improper were the circumstances that followed, specifically the kind of president that replaced Erap. Well, that's the price of reformist solutions. Never expect substantial social transformation with cosmetic changes in political leadership.

EDSA was a great chance for real change. But those in power who were bestowed that rare responsibility blew that chance. For greed of power, history just replicated itself.

But renaming EDSA to Cory Aquino Avenue? Come on!


  1. tama na papalit-palit ng name ng mga lugar, kasi nasisira yung mga history ng place eh, tska on my POV. mas maganda kung iremain na lang ung dapat na itawag sa lugar.

  2. ok na ko sa edsa! wag nalang, kahit na i have great respect to the late president cory.

  3. kelangan ba talaga? i think there are more better things to do than this..

    btw, nice header.. i like.. ;)

  4. i heard about this sa radio ng isang sitak. kaloka lang. paano yung buses? cory ibabaw? cory ilalim?

  5. citybuoy has a point. i don't want to reason na i got late coz of the tightness of cory.

  6. mangyayari yan
    ke pNoy pa

  7. Tsk. Some people need to know that what's not broken shouldn't be fixed.

    Passed by your blog for the first time! :D

  8. I also deem it unnecessary to rename EDSA. I mean, com'on it has been there for a lifetime and it sort of marks a Filipino lifestyle especially those who pass by EDSA for their entire life.


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