Thursday, September 18, 2008

Something Is Missing In My Life

For years now, I've been searching feverishly for something.

I've always had that feeling that I'm supposed to be doing something else much more important than the usual doings.

This feeling never goes away.

It's with me every day.

It's a nagging feeling that reminds me when I'm traveling, at home, in the shower, and in bed.

It tells me to keep searching.

It pushes me from within and always brings me back to the spirit - back on track.

This feeling drives me and never stops.

It is inspiration.

Have you ever had this feeling?

I know I'm not the only one feeling this but I just wanna vent this out.

Am brought up by my family with discipline through catholic religion so I know it’s not religion.

It’s not human relationship too..

So I think…

I had non-marital relationships but still I felt some piece of my personality maybe or my life missing.

I don’t know… I can’t even grope the right words to express it…

I just don’t know… Maybe I still didn't realize and found out what I really want and what makes me happy? ~ sigh ~

It’s not most of the time though… It’s just some time when I'm not preoccupied.

BTW I'm 25…. not young : )

I think I have to take more time for myself and use it to “think

Think about everything that has happened and that is happening around me now…

And only ME have the answer to this question and even though it is hard to realize…

It is deep in my heart…

I just need time and patience to figure it out… and I am very optimistic that I will find it

I believe that GOD stands beside me through it all.


  1. still young :).....

  2. o wait... lumang post pala, lolz!

    anyway, im into old blog entries din minsan... :D


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