Wednesday, March 14, 2012


People will not apparently shout for inequality if there is none. Shouldn't people who have less in life, have more in law? Same goes with minorities whose natural rights; civil, political and economic rights must be respected to a degree equal with their fellow citizens. True, men and women are created in so different ways and that it is their biological differences that make it so obvious. Yet, it is not a compelling reason to continually allow women to suffer as second class citizens albeit this pressing reality. If men were at a disparaging disadvantage, wouldn't they balk at the idea too? To be unfairly dominated upon is too much to bear for the male ego, is it not? This is why homosexuals and women pick the cudgels and head to the picket lines. They too, regard this discrimination as too much to bear.

Aren't all people regardless of color, gender, political affiliation and the like entitled to equal protection of the law? Or at least uplifted when the delicate balance of the aforementioned powers are distantly skewed from women, homosexuals, etc?

Rights are called rights because these must be exercised without any requirement as to color, gender, religious or political affiliation. Otherwise, they are simply privileges. Rights are intrinsic to the person. Rights make civilized society more livable and enhance the dignity of the human person. Rights must be available to man, woman or otherwise. These rights must only be taken away only by due process of law and not because one belongs to a gender or race looked upon as not superior.

One should be sensitive with regards to issues like these. How would you feel when you are oppressed by a society so antagonistic towards those who cannot perpetuate their power because they fail to overwhelmingly assert their biological superiority? I guess, like those who wish to be vindicated, one is repulsed by such idea. No one likes to be oppressed. Especially when you know what it's like to be in the shoes of the oppressed.


  1. isa sa mga biggest problems ng bansa natin ito. kaya madaming walang tiwala sa sistema dahil dito. hanggang hindi ito nasosolve, wala masyadong magbabago. PM

  2. kpatid.. equality only exist in a cemetery ehehehe

  3. Other people, though, who gets out of their tragic demise would want to know how it feels like to be the oppressor at one time. That in itself is equality, because you only assert to invert a part of your experience. #justsaying

    Hello ahmer! :D

  4. equality could only be achieve with one's respect to anybody.. kung walang respeto ang tao sa kapwa tao, malamang gawain nya ang manlait at manghamak sa kapwa :/

  5. very well written. and, thank heavens we exist at a time when freedom of speech can be heard on a more global scale.

  6. perhaps someday we'd get to think that rationally as an entire race. :)


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