Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Legal Basis

Legal basis need not be explained.

If everything has to be proven and explained, then nothing can be explained at all.

There must be a self evident proposition on which something stands and subsists.

This proposition need not be explained since it is evident.

An attempt to explain this self-evident proposition will lead to an endless question and dispute.

Hence, if everything needs to be explained, nothing can be explained and asserted in the end.

To make the long story short, not every detail needs an explanation.


  1. that may be true in the legal sense, but all bets are off when issues are personal.


  2. yup yup ... not all things need explanation ryt??? kainis mga taong nagttanong pa kung bakit.... alam mo naman kung bakit pero hindi maipaliwanag, ah basta ganun! HEHE

  3. some things are really said or done without explanation needed but then an explanation will make things more clear. and in legality i guess explanation is still needed that's why there is a thing called "hearing"


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