Sunday, January 20, 2013


How would you describe red to a blind person?

It is impossible for somebody to describe color red to a blind person. A blind person could hardly identify what color red is for he is deprived of visual perception.


  1. blind people can't see any tangible things which include colors....

    we can describe it by associating red to an emotion like love... it is as bright as red....

    subok lang...hehehe

  2. I was asked with a similar question in an interview for a BPO. They asked me how I would describe colors to blind person who has never seen anything in his entire life.

    My answer was: I would make use of the other sense the person still possesses. For example, to describe blue, I would take the blind man by the sea. I would describe to him that blue is the rushing of waves by the shore, calming, soothing, and cooling. Red, for another example, is heat, burning in anger and passion. green is like the trees in the forest, nourishes and refreshes.

  3. I was asked this in an interview as well and I told them that there is a technology available in replicating or simulating the sense of sight. Hahaha. May nabasa lang ako na ganun. :P


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