Monday, August 15, 2016


After years of being inactive, I've decided to write again.

It's been two years. Really? It felt longer.

So I shall start to write again, not only for you who read my post, but for me as well.

I have so many pent-up rants in me that I just have to let go.

I am to educate primarily myself.

But if you learn something in the process, that's two claps for me!

So off I go for lunch.


  1. Mahirap talikuran ang pagsulat lalo kung may mga nakaibigan ka na sa blog.

  2. Cant wait to read more from you :) Go lang ng go!

  3. We all have different reasons for writing. But I share in your want to learn new things, these somethings.

    So yes, an encouragement for you to write more. Am interested in what you think.

    Dan, by the way. My name. This be my first time to read you. And hopefully, not the last.


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