Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Payo Para sa Kaibigang Nag-aaral ng Abogasya

Don't push yourself too much.

If you think you have already exhausted all your efforts and they proved futile than you ever expected, then I think you should calculate first your expectations vis-a-vis your performance.

Sometimes our thoughts betray us. More often than not, we fall prey to it especially when we allow ourselves to set our goals more than we could possibly achieve.

Of course it's never wrong to strive for the best with all our might, but it's wrong to ask too much from ourselves in ways that are even beyond our capacity.

We are all unique; we have our own failings and successes, strengths and weaknesses, and if you think you are not performing the way you want it to, don't fret out too much, don't fault yourself, because law students, great and small, suffer the same setbacks once, twice, many times.

Take each failure as a lesson for the next stride, and most importantly, start from the bottom and work your way up, one at a time.

But it doesn't mean that because you feel you're not good enough every time you get out of your school after the day's harsh, you'll never amount to anything. I bet it won't go as far as that considering that, as you said, you think your performing well enough relatively.

Law school is not only about passing the bar, or feeling extraordinarily bright. It's also about life and the most murdered concept: truth.

Enjoy life, enjoy law school!


  1. aw. bait naman na kaibigan.

    pano naman sa nagmemed? hehe. :P

    eto lang, all sacrifices will be worth it. darating ang time when we look back, tatawanan na lang ang lahat. tell your friend to keep it up. :) kaya nya yan

  2. thanks. i need that. :)

    - isang malaking joke ang comment na 'to. hehehe

    seriously, law school and corporate world are the only option i have when i graduated college. but thinking of the opportunity costs, i chose the corporate world. however, thinking of that childhood dream, i want to pursue it again. i'm just not so sure now if i will be able to step inside a law school sometime in the future...

  3. Andy malandi. Bwahahaha.

    Sino law school si claudiopoi?

  4. naks naman sa mensahe... sa lahat naman ng bagay eh yan ang di ko pinangarap

  5. whaha yan ang ayaw ko law.. masakit sa ulo yan... lalo na ang debate mahina ko dian :D

  6. i was in law school
    i never liked it

  7. When you're in there, you realize truth,murdered or not, may not be enough.

    And yes, getting a big gasp of air while drowning in search of life is the best thing to prevent insanity:)

    @Axl; The thing most lawyers, especially those who practice litigation, hate is comparing and maybe limiting the profession to debate. The truth is it's like 4 to 1 in favor of paper works:D


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