Tuesday, January 4, 2011


From the words of Hannibal Lecter "our scars have the power to remind us that our past was real" And it does. No matter how much we want to erase all memory of our heartaches, our frustrations, it doesn’t matter. Because in the end, you will still look back and realize that it did happen and you can’t do anything about it.

How do we treat our wounds? We patch it up, put some medications and it heals and then leaves a scar. It’s just that. A scar, a reminder -- Fact is…you’ve gone through it. You are healed.

But why does it still hurt when we touch our scars?


  1. ang hirap naman ng entry na to.. parang gusto ko magcomment na ayaw ko...
    iba kasi ang nagagawa ng isang scar sa isang tao eh lalo na kung ang scar na yun ang dahilan ng isang bagay na dapat ikabago ng pagkatao mo...

  2. the hurt that you feel is only a self-inflicted pain...

  3. The hurt we feel is the emotional pain and not the physical pain of the scar... It constantly reminds us of how we acquire scar and the pain that we endure...

  4. Memory. It takes time for memory to stop hurting. The wound closes and ceases to hurt, but then there on the wounded spot lies a scar. It's another story, a non-physical wound to heal to which time is the only medicine. It's what they mean when they say time heals.

  5. @Andy LOL

    Ahmer I agree the scar is a reminder that you have had overcome the pain. Arte?!

  6. hmm siguro may nana na yung scars kaya masakit... tansya ko lang ha.. wahehehe

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  8. The fact that they hurt is a given, I think. They will always hurt because in a twisted kind of way, they are milestones in our life. And most likely, each recollection will be as potent as the time when the scar was still a wound. :)


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