Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fraternity / Sorority

Joining a fraternity or a sorority (why single out the boys only?) is a matter of choice, an exercise of our right to join any organization. And no one can prevent us from joining, not even the state.

I get emotional every time this topic is touched. I have nothing personal against fraternities since I do respect and uphold freedom of expression. It's just a matter of how some fraternities regard themselves in our society in comparison to "barbaric" non-frat members like myself. They tend to place themselves on par of everyone else. Then, what would you have if every fraternity had such kind of thinking? Endless fratwars for dominance. Lo, the culture of violence, patriarchy and patronage is preserved. Why would you join a frat in the first place? To make connections, ensure employment and wield unbridled access to elite activities? True, not all fraternities engage in violence/fratwars. Some are known for their noble endeavors. Aside from the moronic hazing, what is undesirable about some fraternities is the way elders favor members in place of more qualified applicants to a company where these elders are the bosses. Some law firms are virtual repositories of fraternity/sorority brotherhood/sisterhood. What culture do you call that? Even in government, those who get appointed are the people who have the fraternity connections.

I am not totally against fraternities as they can also be potent catalyst for positive change. For those aiming to join one, caution should be taken to study carefully each frat's history, mission, program of activities, alumni, social standing, etc. Otherwise, fraternities could spell a lifetime of bondage to a wrong cause.


  1. First off, lemme say that I respect your views.

    I could defend fraternities and sororities (F&S) on issues you have raised point by point but that would look like another blogpost.

    Will you allow me to disabuse you of a few things? Again, these are not exhaustive.

    F&S are just like any organization, people join mainly to fulfill their need to belong/for camaraderie/for friendship - such "bad" things as having connections and contacts in the right places are just bonuses or even consequences.

    Most F&S, have evolved and are now mainly involved in more social and economic endeavors rather than political or other clandestine activities. Just google and you would get to know the various programs they are involved in.

    And yes, just as there are rotten eggs in any other group, there are misguided members in F&S. And any self-respecting human being, frat member or not, should deplore their acts in the strongest terms.

    You have given me an idea for a future blog entry.

    Go Upsilon.


  2. i'm shure sa sorority ka sumali bwahahaha

  3. ok lang naman sa akin ang ganyang klase ng organization pero may limit. ang hirap magexplain ng side tsss


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