Sunday, February 19, 2017


These past few weeks has been very stressful as the one man team at work. It all started when my team-partner was fired last year. PG! Why are you doing this to me? #birolangpo  Yeah I know how lucky I am that all eyes are on me. 

So I’ve been doing all these things alone since he left ( my team partner ha! #defensivelang ) . Well ganoon naman talaga kapag naiwan ka mag-isa, napakahirap sa simula #hugot It was very hard at first but I am getting used to it day by day.  Nasasanay na din ako. #hugotulit
It isn't easy to stay positive through this, but I am trying to remain positive. Most of my co-workers are miserable. 

The good news is I am back on track with all my exercise routine this week. I was so tired the other day but I made myself get down on that floor and do my some exercises.

And my sleep has been horrible. I have laid awake trying to figure out some issues and not able to shut my mind off. Plus, I am getting weird dreams like me being escalated by the boss and all these shitty things about work. But I also had nice dreams, too, with that special person. That person who I haven't met yet. Actually palage sya sa panaginip ko... That's a good thing right? 

Life is tuff. 


There is always something to be grateful for.


  1. I miss the old blog entries we used to publish, and it was encapsulated in this entry. :)


    1. yeah. that's why I am back. I miss blogging, sobra.
      Thanks Mugen. I will =)

  2. sa nagwo-work naman sa school tulad ko, stressful na kapag buwan na ng Marso, ang daming paper works at deadlines...

    ...pero sabi nga, "matatapos din" kaya "go!" lang :)

    salamat sa pagbisita :)

  3. I think most of us has been so stressed out the past few weeks. Ughh

  4. Uy, ako rin. Kakabalik ko lang ulit sa gym. Sakit na natigil ano?


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