Monday, August 2, 2010


I do believe that we plan our lives before we came here, however, I also believe that plan is more like a huge tree with many branches than a linear destiny, so how our lives turn out is still a matter of free will. We can be great or small in any given lifetime. The possibilities are there for both and everything in between.

I think the tree trunk and the main center portion of our tree is our most likely path. We place lessons along the way for ourselves. But at any moment, we could veer off onto a branch. Some branches are wide, others are tiny and narrow (but can be very rewarding). Some branches cross over others, allowing us further choices, and some branches have dead ends (literally).

And then there are times when a soul has so exceeded it's own expectations for that lifetime that a new path is negotiated by the higher self even while the person is in a body already.

I do not feel that this interferes with free will at all. We can make any choice at any time, and also we are the ones who made any choices that seemed pre-destined (like who our parents are).


  1. And some branches are dead. Hahaha makadugtong lang...

  2. It's amazing how well thought out this is. Makes me wonder what my own tree looks like.

  3. Hindi ko na intindihan, pangmatalino lang ang entry na ito.

    Ang ganda ng structure and I appreciate the honesty of this post. LOL

    may macomment lang...

  4. :-) And it grows, so the paths constantly change.

  5. I don't believe in destiny
    I'm damaged goods, remember


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