Monday, August 23, 2010

Twenty Seven

"For years now, I've been searching feverishly for something. I believe that GOD stands beside me through it all."  
Something Is Missing In My Life

"It has been my beacon of light when I used to complain at the way life is treating me. It gives me wisdom and inspiration for living life to the full."
An inspired piece of work

"If we can’t see the good things we already have, then how will we see the good things we don’t have?"
Am I really unhappy?

"Music gives opinions in your mind but hidden in a melody. It imparts story, a story full of reality, fantasy or sarcasm. It not only draws the mind but it touches the soul and heart."
What the music speaks the heart listens

"The silence is what cradles me, and gives me solace."

"I just realized reading today's different Blog posts, that "strangers" is an unfamiliar term for me."

"Sometimes after becoming angry I feel energized and creative."

"Everyday I make sure to smile and laugh with at least ONE person at a minimum."

"...the last risk I took was writing this little blog here."
Our Capacity To Transform

"One can not deny that we are connected to each other and that alone, for me, eliminates the illusion that left to our conscious minds, we can navigate the pathways of our lives on our own."
Guides and Angels

"Always be willing to admit that you don't have all the answers."
11 Keys 

"The thoughts we have and the actions we take make us who we are."
"First time I saw porn, I was eight."
Porn or No Porn

" be successful and financially independent enough to be able to treat my parents to a cruise around the world..."

"The attachment to and the belief that one's point of view is the only one that should exist."
Give Peace A Chance
"Just listen to my breath. Not try to control it. Just pay attention to my breath."

"But I am aware that i am growing older."
Age is just a number

"Love and Lust are different kinds of emotions."
Physical Intimacy

"This is called the church of the mind and you can go there anytime you choose."

Sometimes I find just the right words that others have written and they help me along through my journey and my difficulties.
Half Orange

"The heart says “I want this, this is my desire” and the head says, “No you don’t” and the heart says “Yes I do” and the head says “Don’t (sticking out tongue)”."
Going Out of My Head

"Everyday should be a celebration of your Life."
Let Us Celebrate!

"Now, I am faced again with this crossroad of life and I ask myself; do I follow my guide or do I follow my heart?"

"Inspiration comes from many places."
When I Look at You

"Love comes later when two people meet and start knowing each other well."

"I am big now but still not fully grown."

Half of Me is Missing

"It's another year to grow and learn about yourself..."

Birthday 2009

"Today, I thank God for my 27th years of a blessed Life"

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Bless the Broken Road – Rascal Flatts


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