Friday, October 22, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

The holiday season is drawing near and giving gifts is an honored tradition that is why I am participating in this blog event of Prinsesa Musang's - All I Want For Christmas, an exchange gift swap between bloggers.

And I just want to add something on b/m list - Something naughty: Thong

Something small: The Confession by John Grisham

Something big: Jansport Backpack ( Right Pack TRC8E )

Something cute: Coin Purse

Something soft: Pillow

Something techie: MacBook Air

Something fancy: Personalized Dog Tag ( gaya-gaya lang kay The Scud )

Something (blue): GAP or Old Navy Shirt

Something wearable: Baseball Cap

Something you need: A Pair of Sandals

Something you can use for work: Starbucks Tumbler

Something sweet: Royce Chocolate

All I Want For Christmas: A 2 week Trip To Europe For Two! = )


  1. sus gaya gaya sa MacBook Air. lol!

    hangsusyal naman! trip to europe! ;-)

  2. Wow. Europe talaga. Sarap! :D

  3. noted your url! please send me your mailing details so i can give you a partner. i sent an email on the ad you provided on the comment on my post. thanks!

  4. whaha cool... europe... san dun? ang laki kaya ng europe... :D

  5. Meron akong The Confession pero mukhang pinagpiyestahan na siya ng mga daga. haha

  6. wow, ang mura naman nung europe trip! :D

  7. grabe naman ng ang sosyal naman masyado ng wishlist mo kuya..

  8. ang mamahal naman nito
    partner ba kita?


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