Monday, October 18, 2010

This World Is Full of Trouble Makers

People are generally mean and egotistical. They have very little concern about other people’s worries. People tend get happy over other people’s misfortune simply because they have become too hopeless themselves. Thinking about other people’s problems is their sole objective.

In other words we live by making others unhappy. This is the basic problem with the society. There is so much greed and corruption and an honest man has to struggle. People are vicious and they think themselves to be over clever. Being over clever is just a statement that they are obsessed with.

Where I live people tend to copy each other and do stupid things that they belief are quiet amusing. Ridiculing others is a part of their life. Nothing good can ever come out of this baseless culture. That has strange norms and traditions.

It’s a man eat a man world. In order to succeed you need to step on the throats of other men and reach your destination. Kindness is little seen or heard.

People have a tendency to hurt others. In fact they make every effort to humiliate other fellow human beings. I mean what’s the point in bothering another person? Grow up, purposeless trouble makers.

It’s time you need to change things. People are getting aware of the fact that bullying won’t work. Even messing up with other people’s life won’t work.

Someday you have to pay back for your evil deeds and that payment can be heavy on your budget.


  1. haha! naisip ko tuloy kung ito ba ang ganti sa ginawa sayo nina YJ at glentot? lol!

    hey, don't get too much negative. that is life, it is unfair. but remember, there's what we call karma. at digital na sya ngayon. lol!

  2. some are born to make someone's life miserable. but that doesn't mean we can't fight back! hehe

    and tma si andy, karma's a bitch.

    wait bully rin nga pala ako. sabay tago. hehe

  3. Andy yup yup digital na ang karma ngayon. AGREE! : )

    MSCQ bully din ako! LOL

  4. para knino tong post na to? LOL...

    bully ako pero marunong akong magtimpla kung maxado na o hindi pa hehehe...LOL...

  5. Jag hindi ito para kay glentot o kay Yj timing lang ang topic Haha : D

  6. may pinanghuhugutan ba ang lahat ng poot mo sa society?

    hmm. ganun naman yata talaga eh. it's just a matter of shutting them out. or learning to smile even when you know that they are always out for a kill.

    basta ba you won't be like them, i think that's the best way to get back at them.

    grabe naman ka-heavy tong post na to ahmer. :D

  7. claudiopoi sumakit din ulo ko eh kaya positive mode activated ulet : )

  8. Hindi ko alam kung anong relate nito sa post ko like you said pero kebs na hahaha ang masasabi ko lang is yung mga receipts mo puro food! Ahihihi joke, isusubmit ko na mamaya salamat!!!!!!

    Buti naman at narealize mo na maraming masasamang tao at napapaligiran ka nila...

  9. glentot kasama ka na dun? hehe

    gillboard wala. gusto ko lng mag shout out at ilabas ang negativity. ayan ok na ako : )

  10. The last line is golden!

  11. insecure lang ang mga yan at wala ng ibang magawa sa buhay.

  12. ahmer,

    ako din! positive mode. may bago akong post na emo din. haha :) [shameless plugging ito, pero kebs na!]

  13. ooh bad chatah.. parang may patama kung kanino man to :D

  14. But you must never forget, kindness is contagious.

  15. tampalin natin yung nangharabas sa yo!

  16. Ika-nga ni Alicia Keys:

    "what goes around, comes around.
    What goes up, must come down."

    (eto na naman ako't nagquoquote ng mga songs.. haha)

  17. Wow. I've just been talking about this with my friend awhile ago kasi andami naming kilalang ganito. Anyhoo...

    It's hard to ignore them but go spread the love to others instead and karma shall prevail. Good karma for ya. ;)


  18. karma
    meron nyan
    paminsan mabagal nga lang

  19. ay magpapakabait ako hehe ^^

  20. Sad to say marami ngang ganyan sa paligid... we just have to guard ourselves... at syempre di papaapekto sa negative na naidudulot nila... hehehehhe

  21. you can't get rid of people with crab-mentality in the society - office, school, government, anywhere...
    my colleague once told me, that's how the real world works daw. pag walang mga taong ganun, hindi ka daw matututo to live on your own and survive.

    pero may panahon din ang mga ganyang tao, there's always a payback time ;)


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