Tuesday, November 15, 2011

For every rule, there is an exception.

Now, the said statement above is, in itself, a rule.

Question: What is its exception?

Ergo, There should be an exception to the rule,

e.g.- there is no exception to the rule –

However, by excepting something - It does not except anything.

Hence: there is a rule that has no exception which is in itself accepts an exception.

That is the absolute rule you have been looking for.

Otherwise stated- it is the absolute rule by excepting everything including itself. Paradoxically, it excepts nothing by excepting everything.

The rule is that “for every rule there is an exception”. 

Applying the rule- that there must be exception, hence: an as exception to the rule, that is: “A rule without exception”, which is in itself an exception to the rule, hence giving credence that indeed there is an exception to every rule.

Otherwise stated, an exception to the exception of the rule is the rule itself.


  1. Alex, Nahilo din ako. Haha.

  2. This is so like when you google recursion and it keeps asking if that's what you meant.

  3. Its like asking somebody:

    "Does expecting something unexpected makes the unexpected an expected one"

    This proves that life in itself bears a lot of complication.

  4. Nyl & Wicked Writer, complicated & simple are actually two sides of the same coin, in order to see complexity, u have to have the notion of simplicity & vice-versa. may connect ba? haha

    chingoy, advil lang meron! haha =P

  5. Or we can just say that rules are bitches. Nyay!

  6. Rence, haha namuti na nga ang akin.

    Bill, you got it right! haha

  7. Exception your Honor! Nawindang ako... basahin ko ulit mamaya! =)

  8. Rules are meant to put up order.

    This however, is a discombobulation.

  9. Naguluhan ako, kaya ganito ang ginawa ko, para maintindihan ko. LOL.

    -[-(R)] = R

  10. kaya pala may kantang you are the only exception :D

    salamat sa pagbisita sa damuhan :)

  11. nyahaha
    i love how your logic works


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