Friday, August 6, 2010


I can still remember...

...the first time we talked. It's phlegmatic and I was not even excited but I am just eager to know you and be my friend.'s been four months since the first time we met - the first time when I see you smiled at me. It was a relief because I was in trauma that time.
We've been very good friends since then. were there when I am so disheartened just to feel me better. I felt the silent comfort of your presence.

...our first flight together, I am at sixes and sevens that time -- there's this question hanging in my head that asking me " Are you just a friend ? "
And Yes, you are a friend but also my lover.

...the first time you said "I love you" and the first night we kissed. I will never forget that wonderful night.

...the first time you did only just for me and with the trust you have given me that moment - I've never felt so much love.

...that you lied. Yes, you lied. It's not that you lied outright. I know and understand why you did. It doesn't hurt me anymore. I have moved already. You know what I mean.

I've never felt a connection like this before.
Felt so good, Felt so right.
No inhibitions.

Love comes later when two people meet and start knowing each other well.

It's so beautiful to develop this love and nurtured it well until it sprout naturally.

I miss you : )

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  1. it's sweet but there's a strange hint of sadness especially towards the end. i wonder why.

    but the first part is incredibly sweet! :)

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  3. nakaka-TMI 'yung first part na pa-tumbling ako...LOL

    kung sya ang tinutukoy mo na nag lie, batukan ko gusto mo? Joke...

    Nakicomment lang..

  4. naku, mukhang madami kang ikukwento. hehehe

  5. di ko na kelangan ng asukal ng buong linggo. magbabasa na lang ako ng mga blogs na ganito, matamis na. ahahaha!

  6. Sabi ni Lisa Loeb: the time between meeting and finally leaving is sometimes called falling in love.

  7. nice post~~
    ang sweet naman
    love your blog~~

  8. Wow sinyo yan si YJ ba yan ahahahahahaha JK!

  9. Ang buhay pag-ibig nga naman talaga... it makes the world go round! ^^

    nice post parekoy!

  10. How I truly wish I could write something like this on my blog. Wrong timing. Wrong post.

    Love comes later when two people meet and start knowing each other well.

    This entry is a heartbreaker, especially that one line.

  11. the last line made me smile... :)


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