Friday, September 10, 2010


It was a fine sunny afternoon away on a beach. The day I cannot forget. The carroty velvet sky appears just solemn above the horizon where our thoughts our glued.

“What could be beyond there?

I asked, feeling the scalp of your hair on my chin.

“Isn’t that supposed to be something you must tell me, honey?” you sweetly answered while moving your hands upwards to caress my cheeks.

For a while, silence engulfed us but the racing waves of the sea. It rhymed with the tune of our soul. You and me---locked away from the sneering eyes of men.

“At last, you are here with me now…I could never ask for anything more than this moment…” I whispered as my lips moved down a bit just near to your ears.

Then you softly muttered, “I love you…” with your eyes cutely closed.

I can never explain how much that delicate figure on my lap seizes me. I thought of things I could say, but I just can’t find the right ones. I virtually ran out of words at the sight of that image.

For once, I pleaded divinely for the clock to stand still that moment and let the world be a living witness to our madness. I cannot overemphasize this, but I love you even more.

“This is stupidity!” We always vocally say that. Deep inside us, we could not even care less. I would never hesitate tucking my heart out if only to let them all know that you mean the entire world to me now.


I hummed the best lullaby I could muster as I picked from the corner of my mind a song I’ve always wanted to sing to you.

“When we turn out the lights…the two of us alone together,
Something just not right, but girl you know that I won’t ever let,
Another’s touch, come between the two of us,
‘Coz no one else will ever take your place,

…no one else comes close to you…no one makes me feel the way you do…”
I felt your hands clasping my arms as if to emphasize yourself to me in between the lines I had sung. You didn’t have to say anything at all to let me know just what you feel. The warmth of your embrace means it all. Just that and nothing more.

In a split of a second, we drifted into a fantasy hardly ever been done and think of. We love each other so much just enough to fuel our latent desires and propel us into a world of make-believe---at least we made it on that day.

I cuddled you more inside my arms, feeling envious of even a slight breeze of air on your cheeks. The night was getting dark and I had sensed a feeling of urgency to hide you inside me.

“Just when will this end? I am tired of setting things up and be a slave of your time. Take me now to a place where we could feel fear no more…” you whimpered.

In the midst of the darkness, I saw a shining ball of water dropped from your eyes. Not one, not two, not three---but endless. I felt your pain as your sobs rhymed with the sound of the waves as if telling me I needed to set you free. A tear fell helplessly from my eyes.


  1. Ang sweet ng umpisa tapos nauwi sa luhaan!?! Wag naman ganyan haha

  2. Weee! sobrang cheesy! lol... valentines na ba?! magpapasko pa

  3. I also want to love someone. That romantic moments of you two!......masarap mainlove, masarap ang love story!:)

  4. "feeling envious of even a slight breeze of air on your cheeks. "

    ang intense naman nito. bat nauwi sa luhaan? hindi natin makokontrol ang oras, gustuhin man natin. i guess we just have to keep learning from the past, make the best of the present and plan for the future. :)

  5. Agree ako kay @Roanne, pag #sentisabado ito ha. Pasok sa banga!

  6. what would i say? hay... :)

    bakit nga ba nauwi sa luhaan? :)

  7. relationships are so complicated
    pero masarap

  8. what would i say? hay... :)

    bakit nga ba nauwi sa luhaan? :)

  9. relationships are so complicated
    pero masarap


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