Monday, October 25, 2010


I'd started to learn how to realize I was dreaming several years ago to help when I had nightmares.

In my dreams when they were scary I started realizing it was a dream enough to stand and fight against whatever was scaring me.

Most of the time it was invisible entities but I could feel their presence and even as if the air where thicker or had an actual physicalness I could feel, touch and push against, etc.

After awhile I had less nightmares - it was only recently that I started realizing I had control durring any dream and I started to 'play' almost like in the Matrix.

I would fall asleep but still be aware. I suppose this is what they refer to as lucid dreaming. Anyway, once I was 'in' the dream state and realized it. It was almost as if I 'woke-up' and started running with it.

Wherever my dream - world popped me into...I don't have control over what I dream yet but can control it once I'm there and 'know' it.

It's a trip. I did feel a bit scared in my last dream because it was as if a real energy was in my dream and trying to communicate with me. It tried to scare me away but I kept moving toward it because I knew I was dreaming.

Then it appeared to me as a lady - and I thought, hmm. this could be fun and went with it as if I knew the person and was going to flirt but when I got closer and touched her I felt this crazy burning sensation in the pit of my stomach and felt really sick I woke up still kind of feeling that.

It was weird because I didn't get scared right away but I did feel like whatever had happened wasn't just all a dream but that something more 'real' had taken place through the dream.

I also have such vivid dreams, dreams that pick up from previous dreams or have 'familiar' aspects from past dreams as if it were another consistent reality and many times I've actually remembered dreams as if they were real memories - then had to step back and go - wait, that wasn't real - that was just one of the dreams I've had. It's weird.

And I have had times where my dreams do feel so real at the time my mind confuses them and I have to figure out - try to 'wake up' and see if it's a dream or not. But I often try to wake up in my dream and when I wake up - it's me waking up in the dream. So that's really bizarre. Because it feels the same as when I'm really trying to wake up from a dream in real life when I finally wake up. It reminds me of looking in two mirrors facing eachother where there's copies of the same scene over and over until you can't see them anymore. It's dreams within dreams.

I am so incredibly fascinated with dreams and what they are really about because of how vivid and real my dreams have always been.

It's hard to believe it's really just all in my head.

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  1. I think dreams are things that will take a long long time for us humans to get to the bottom of.

    "I also have such vivid dreams, dreams that pick up from previous dreams.."

    -same here, experienced the same dream for three consecutive nights, parang teleserye lang. weird no?

  2. Dreaming is still a mystery. I dream a lot. Nightmares, erotic dreams, nonsense dreams, even sleep talk or sleep walk.
    There's a theory where they say that dreams are ways to unload our brain of "temporary files".
    Dreams can also be due to the fact that we can imagine.
    Also, a bothering thought or feeling during the day can trigger nightmares like I always experience.

  3. look at it this way, yun ibang tao hindi na nananaginip
    at least ikaw, oo

  4. i like dreams, di ko lang matandaan kung ano hehehe

  5. I hardly remember my dreams. They say our dreams has something to do with our frustrations and aspirations in life. I wonder how I have lotsa frustrations yet I don't recall any of it when I sleep. I wish INCEPTION is true! Nice page you got here. Lemme add you to my blogroll. Thanks! :]

  6. Ahahaha nagka-wet dream!!!!!!!!!! Sino ba kasi katabi mo natulog hahahaha

  7. Dati, nililista ko yung mga panaginip ko. Yung mga natatandaan ko lang. Gusto ko kasing ipagtagpi-tagpi ang lahat ng yun. Pero ang hirap gawan ng koneksyon lahat eh. May isang gabing hinahabol ako ng anino ng San Miguel Pale Pilsen. Meron din akong panaginip dati na nakipagseesaw daw ako sa clown sa antenna ng bahay namin. Adik?

    Pero hindi ko pa din maintindihan. Ito marahil ang dahilan kung bakit masaya ang managinip. Dahil palaging may adbentyur. Sumegwe sa isang marubdob na analysis daw? Hehe.

    Heniwei, Inception still rocks! :D

  8. Sadly, I am currently on a limbo. Dreaming is an impossibility. Lucky you.

  9. hehe.. isa ito sa mga maganda movie na panood ko this 2010... :D

  10. dreams are a product of our subconscious.. :) nice movie, kakapagod nga lang after ive seen it in the cinema, pschological kasi.. :)

  11. Dreams are....

    Its something that even science don't know the cause, reason ad purpose. Well for me, it's about looking to tomorrow, it's about guiding and such we all know as "Deja Vu". I use to have that Deja Vu. I dreamed about that certain moment then suddenly realize that " i have dreamed about this before".

    But what makes me excite about dreaming, is every time i dream about this thing, then when i wake up i know, in the next few days,hours or minutes, someone will die who is related to our family. I swear!it's for real

  12. ako bihirang bihirang managinip ang kamalasan pa madalas nightmares yung mga panaginip ko haay


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